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Providing an innovative new paper-based solution, Coveris’ HeatSeal cartonboard trays are sustainably sourced and recyclable. Achieving a premium look and feel for short
shelf life food products in produce and food-on-the-move, HeatSeal trays provide an opportunity for brands and retailers to reduce plastic and switch to paper-based packaging.

Developed for use with heat sealed lidding film, a key feature of the trays are pre-broken, pre-folded flanges which enables accurate and efficient film sealing during the packing process.

Performance Benefits

  • Premium look and feel
  • Sustainably sourced cartonboard alternative to plastic trays
  • Recyclable and compliant with 2020 and 2023 OPRL recycling rules
  • Designed for use with heat sealed lidding film
  • Ideal for short shelf life products that do not require a hermetic seal
  • Pre-broken, pre-folded flanges enable efficient packing speeds
  • Fully printable on the outer face 6 colour litho and decorative finishes available
  • Supports plastic reduction targets


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