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Market Applications

Steam sterilisation with Tyvek® – high grade and safe

FLEXOPOR® pouches are the perfect solution for medical devices that are sterilised by steam and require safe, high-quality packaging. These robust pouches boast decisive advantages over paper
packaging and offer a far higher level of user safety. 

The combination of Tyvek® and medical-grade film is the ideal basis for safe, high-quality packaging that is sterilised by steam (up to 121°C). FLEXOPRO® pouches offer the perfect solution for
extraction via simple peeling, ensuring the safety of the contents while enabling easy removal.

Performance Benefits


  • Steam (up to 121°C) 

  • Ethylene oxide 

  • Irradiation (FLEXOPOR® only)


  • Peelable for easy extraction (FLEXOPRO® only) 

  • Far higher safety level than paper when using steam sterilisation 

  • Far less sensitive to moisture than paper 

  • Impermeable to bacteria, even in moist environments 

  • Good bacteriological barrier function 

  • Very high puncture resistance 

  • High permeability to gas and air 

  • Various grades of Tyvek® can be used


  • Made of medical-grade composite film and Tyvek®

  • Choose from various grades of Tyvek® 

  • Easy extraction by simply peeling open the packaging (FLEXOPRO® only)

FLEXOPOR®/FLEXOPRO® pouches comply with the  standards DIN EN 868 and DIN EN ISO 11607.


  • Germany