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Coveris has been revealed as a finalist in three categories in the UK Packaging Awards 2020, the industry’s largest celebration of packaging each year in the UK where innovation, performance and excellence is recognised.

Demonstrating innovation across our business, Coveris has been shortlisted for Cartonboard Pack of the Year, Flexible Plastic Pack of the Year and Label of the Year. In a head-to-head, Coveris’ luxury labels business Amberley Labels is also a finalist in Label of the Year, totalling four shortlisted entries for the Coveris Group.

Following the postponement of the awards ceremony due to take place on Wednesday 21st October in line with government rules, we are now awaiting confirmation on how the award winners will be announced.

Details of Coveris’ shortlisted are:


RecyclaLite: Cartonboard Pack of the Year

Super lightweight with a 12μm film liner, Coveris’ RecyclaLite sandwich skillet is designed for resource efficiency and optimal board fibre recovery. RecyclaLite delivers a 40% plastic reduction compared to a standard OPP lined skillet and is compliant with 2020 and 2023 OPRL recycling rules with no lost value.


Duralite R: Flexible Plastic Pack of the Year

Coveris’ innovative Duralite R range is 100% recyclable and contains up to 50% post-consumer recyclate (PCR) and up to 50% pre consumer recycled material, delivering a circular solution for shrink wrapped products. Our 50/50 blend of recycled content achieves an impressive 38% carbon footprint reduction.


IRN BRU 1901: Label of the Year

Beverage brand IRN-BRU gave a nod to its heritage recreating the IRN-BRU recipe used in 1901 with a limited edition launch of IRN-BRU 1901. Not only capturing the brand’s history through the 1901 recipe, it has carefully recreated aspects of IRN BRU’s original packaging. Combining the authentic label design with luxury print and embellishment, the label delivers premium appeal and a celebration of the brand’s history.


Find information on Amberley Label’s shortlisted entry with artisan gin brand 6 O’Clock gin here.

Last week Coveris was awarded Gold in the ‘Technical Innovation – Printer’ category in the EFIA Print Awards. In a successful evening for the company, Coveris was also the recipient of a Silver, two Bronze and two Highly Commended print excellence awards.


Jessica Weaver

Marketing Communications Executive

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