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In celebration of Earth Day 2019, leading packaging manufacturer Coveris is targeting its largest participation to date focussed on making positive environmental impact in local communities. Coveris has engaged colleagues in 12 locations from 16 sites in a month-long programme of Earth Day themed events and partnerships.

Coordinated by Earth Day Network, Earth Day is the world’s largest environmental movement with over one billion people taking part in activities each year. Celebrated on 22nd April annually, the Earth Day Network is now in its 49th year, and has chosen ‘Protect Our Species’ for its 2019 campaign.

Coveris’ participation in Earth Day began in 2017 with one UK site which progressed to six locations in 2018. Building on the success of previous years, Coveris has planned a programme of environmental activities between 12 April – 14 May 2019 involving 12 events with colleagues from 16 sites, including an Austrian plant for the first time.

Coveris has formed partnerships with local organisations and businesses to maximise the benefits of Earth Day with the aim of making positive environmental change in its communities. Activities include beach, riverbank, woodland, street and sporting venue cleaning and litter picks, encouragement of eco-travelling to work, sustainability and recycling education and the use of regional food in canteens. In support of the ‘Protect the Species’ campaign, Coveris in Kufstein presented all employees with flower seeds, while Coveris in Louth is building an onsite garden for employees.

Carl Quinn, Environment & Sustainability Co-ordinator at Coveris said: “Coveris is committed to making positive environmental change in our local communities through action, partnerships and valuable community projects. Earth Day 2019 involves participation from more Coveris sites and people than ever before, and the success of our growing programme reflects the dedication, commitment and enthusiasm of our colleagues in making positive change in our communities.”

Coveris’ Earth Day programme for 2019 is:

Friday 12 April

Winsford (UK)

Tuesday 16 April

Boston (UK)

Wednesday 17 April

Gainsborough (UK)

Thursday 18 April

Kufstein (Austria)

Thursday 18 April

Spalding (UK)

Thursday 18 April

Wisbech (UK)

Wednesday 24 April

Leeds (UK)

Thursday 25 April

St Neots (UK)

Friday 26 April

Hartlepool (UK)

Monday 29 April

Louth (UK)

Wednesday 8 May

Burnley (UK)

Tuesday 14 May

Cramlington (UK)


350 bags of waste in addition to larger items including trollies, tyres and a discarded motorbike have already been removed from communities during Coveris’ 2019 Earth Day programme involving over 250 people. More details about Coveris’ Earth Day actions can be found on Linkedin (Coveris Group) and Twitter (@CoverisGroup).


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